Metal seated ball valve

Metal seated ball valve

The metal seated ball valve is suitable for severe conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion or particulate media, metal seated ball valve is required when work is required for safe and reliable seal, long-term use and easy to operate .
VALVINOX metal seated ball Valve is designed to address the severe service demands of the oil, gas and water industries. Its protected seat seal design provides long life and a tight seal in abrasive / erosive conditions and meets the strict requirements of fugitive emissions.
Metal seated ball valve is designed for API-6D and API-6A, firesafe according to API-607 (API-6D) and API-6FA (API-6A), hermetically sealed according to ISO-5208 A (API-6D) )) and PSL-3 (API-6A)
Carbide sealing surfaces. The sealing surfaces are superimposed with tungsten or chrome carbide
High integrity seals. To prevent leaks around the seats, VALVINOX has developed an innovative double seal design for the operation of erosive services in high cycle applications. A secondary graphite seal is installed towards the body cavity.

Our metal seated ball valve can be of type “floating ball”,”trunnion ball”,“Side entry” and “Top entry”, “spilt body”, “two piece”,” three piece”, Double lock and bleed capacity, redundant seals, Metal seat design. Emergency Seat Sealant,Injection

Metal Seated v.1_min

Design features:

Manufacturer to API 6D,API 608
Floating 1/2″ 14″;
trunnion 2″-60″
Pressure rating class 150- 2500
End flange to ASME B16.5 (2” to 24”) ASME B16.47 (26” & up)
Inspection & Testing API 6D, Butt-Weld End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.25
Fire Safe Design API 607/BS 6755

Optional features:

Extended bonnet available for high temperature service, special sizes and finishes, full port and reduced port, double block and bleed, DIB, Locking Device.
Special test on your request: EN 10204 Type 3.2 Material Certification by a Thirty Parts, API 641 Fugitive Emissions, PMI, NDE test.