Floating Ball valve

Floating Ball valve

VALVINOX floating Ball Valve is designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standard such as API 6D,API 608 standards, with a hollow ball, using a control shaft, and a quarter turn between soft seat or metal seat fixed to the body.
Floating ball valve often use Teflon as its seat, as the compatibility of Teflon material with a wide range of fluids and resistance to high temperatures have a wide application.
The ball of VALVINOX floating ball valve often made of stainless steel, its body is made of cast steel ,stainless steel or forged steel.
VALVINOX floating Ball Valve is designed as Fire Safe-Fire Safety and exposed to fire conditions and tested according to API 607 or API 6FA standards.
Anti-Static device design can reduce the static charge generated on the ball due to friction and can protect the valve against spark that may ignite the fuel flowing through ball valve
Applied in fully open or fully closed position. The pressure difference in the flow section in the open position is close to zero.
Our Floating ball valve can be of type “Side entry”, “one piece”, “Top entry”, “spilt body”, “two piece” and” three piece”, reduced or full port Double lock and bleed capacity, redundant seals, Metal seat design.

Floating ball VALVE v.1_min

Design features:

Manufacturer to API 6D,API 608
End flange to ASME B16.5 (1/2” to 14”)
Pressure rating Class 150- 2500
Inspection & Testing API 6D, Butt-Weld End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.25
Fire Safe Design API 607/BS 6755

Optional features:

Extended bonnet available for high temperature service, special sizes and finishes, full port and reduced port, double block and bleed, Locking Device.
Special test on your request: EN 10204 Type 3.2 Material Certification by a Thirty Parts, API 641 Fugitive Emissions, PMI, NDE test.