API 600 cast steel flanged gate valve

API 600 cast steel flanged gate valve

VALVINOX cast steel gate valve designed according to API 600,flanged end to ASME B 16.5, has a specific and restricted function to release or block the flow of different types of fluids in pipelines.
The main feature of a cast steel gate valve is that its sealing surface between the “gate” and its seat is flat.
In this way, API 600 cast steel flanged gate Valve is indicated and designed for use in several types of installations, gate valves operate fully open or fully closed according to the precision of use.
The gate valve was designed to be used either fully open or fully closed, because due to the shape of its obturators which have the shape of a wedge, if it were operated partially open, there would be a great loss of pressure. cast steel gate valve must be operated in lines with only liquid fluids that are not very corrosive and do not leave residues, as they can prevent the drawer from closing completely.
Cast steel flanged gate valve has a bonnet that closes the valve body, this bonnet can be bolted bonnet, or pressure seal bonnet, often bolt bonnet that are used for larger diameters and pressure seal bonnet is for higher pressure lines.

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Design features:

Manufacturer to API 600,API 603 for stainless steel are available
End flanged to ASME B16.5 (2” to 24”) ASME B16.47 (26” & up)
Inspection & Testing API 6D, Butt-Weld End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.25
OS&Y, Outside Stem & Yoke, bolted bonnet, pressure seal bonnet
forged steel, cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, bronze, duplex, super duplex steel , etc.
Optional features: Extended bonnet available for high temperature service, special sizes and finishes, full port and reduced port, Locking Device.
Special test on your request: EN 10204 Type 3.2 Material Certification by a Thirty Parts, API 641 Fugitive Emissions, PMI, NDE test.

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